Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking stock

Up in smoke

Fifteen years of taking pictures has resulted in quite a collection of images. Several thousand images worth. Most of them have never seen the light of day. About 4,000 reside on Flickr. From the beginning, I've gotten requests from bloggers, publishers and businesses to use my images to help market and promote what they have to offer.

Mmmmm ... blood

Starting in 2008, Getty Images, the largest stock photography agency in the world, began selecting a number of my images for representation in their catalog. Today, I have images ranging from seasonal, conceptual, landscape, to the odd, strange and unique for sale via Getty.

Morning cows


Hello world

The Love Pug

I also have images available directly to you. Do you have an idea that needs an image to help give it impact and memorability? Let's talk about it and see what I can pull out of the archive that might fit the bill.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Faces of 2011 ... and beyond

It's been my privilege to shoot lots of portraits in the past year. It's a privilege because a lot of people have placed their trust in me to produce pictures that go beyond a simple documentary record of their physical appearance. The DMV can do that much just fine, thank you.

I work hard to combine lighting, angles, focal lengths, time of day, witty repartee and sometimes some outright goofiness to place people, young and old, in their best light. To those of you whom I have had the honor of standing before you with a camera, thank you. To those of you yet to appear in my viewfinder, I hope to see you in the coming year.

James Jordan, Chicago and suburbs professional portrait photographer

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Corporate session - Veterinary office


I recently spent a half day shooting images at a veterinary office facility to provide pictures for their soon-to-be-updated web site. They have a great team of doctors and assistants who possess genuine affection for the animals under their care. My job was to capture that within the context of their facilities.

The session was a fast-paced mixture of posed images and situations as they occurred throughout my time at the clinic.













Chicago and suburbs professional corporate image photographer

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicago senior portrait photography

John - Senior Portraits

I like photographing high school seniors. People who stand on the edge of the rest of their lives. Of course we all do, but putting aside the high school years and preparing to forge ahead with career plans is a special time in a person's life and I love it when someone asks me to capture a person at that moment in his or her life.

John - Senior Portraits

John - Senior Portraits

I had the opportunity to capture John in a place that he loves. He spent a lot of time running on the paths and roadways at this particular forest preserve in the Chicago northwest suburbs. No doubt thinking about things like the next thing on his schedule or his next musical composition or any one of a number of things going on in his life at the time. This time I caught him thinking about where he's going to go next. And if these pictures are any indication, he's going to go there with confidence, a good attitude and tons of character.

John - Senior Portraits

John - Senior Portraits

His future looks bright.

James Jordan - Chicago and suburbs senior portrait photographer

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stephanie and Jesse's wedding


Scenes from Stephanie and Jesse's big day. The Seville, Streamwood, Illinois.


Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse's Wedding

James Jordan - Chicago and suburbs wedding photograher

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Wine?

Wine lineup

This lineup of wine bottles for a retailer's catalog was carefully set up and lit to produce the classic reflection of light along the side of the bottles. Likewise, the photographs of wine glasses, with and without wine also employed classic lighting scenarios to create high-end imagery.

Wine glasses

Red wine

James Jordan - Chicago and suburbs commercial product photographer

Monday, January 17, 2011

Commercial shoot - interiors

The trick to creating good shots of interiors is to carefully control the lighting, balancing existing light with supplemental lighting to avoid dark areas and harsh reflections in shiny surfaces.

Interior - Tiling

Bathrooms are the most challenging. Space is often limited and mirrors and glass surfaces offer abundant opportunities for distracting glare, not to mention unintended views of the photographer or his/her equipment. Careful placement of lights and camera ensure a successful result.

Interior - Tiling

Interior - Tiling

Interior - Tiling

These photographs were taken for a tiling contractor for use on his web site and printed marketing materials. Wide views and detail shots were requested, along with a portrait of the business owner in his element.

Environmental portrait

James Jordan - Chicago and suburbs commercial photographer

Images © 2011 James Jordan.