Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking stock

Up in smoke

Fifteen years of taking pictures has resulted in quite a collection of images. Several thousand images worth. Most of them have never seen the light of day. About 4,000 reside on Flickr. From the beginning, I've gotten requests from bloggers, publishers and businesses to use my images to help market and promote what they have to offer.

Mmmmm ... blood

Starting in 2008, Getty Images, the largest stock photography agency in the world, began selecting a number of my images for representation in their catalog. Today, I have images ranging from seasonal, conceptual, landscape, to the odd, strange and unique for sale via Getty.

Morning cows


Hello world

The Love Pug

I also have images available directly to you. Do you have an idea that needs an image to help give it impact and memorability? Let's talk about it and see what I can pull out of the archive that might fit the bill.

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