Monday, December 29, 2008

Five reasons in-home portraits make good sense

1. It’s just a heck of a lot easier to have the photographer come to you instead of packing up and carting everyone to the mall or photo studio, then going through the stress of combing, primping and straightening everyone just seconds before it’s your turn to “look natural.”

2. You are the one and only customer. You have the photographer’s undivided attention. No standing in lines or waiting your turn. It’s all your turn.

3. Children (and admit it –adults, too) are more at ease in familiar surroundings. They can have professional pictures taken inside, outside, with a favorite toy or pet – even in their own room. How cool is that?

4. You can change clothes as many times as you wish. Can’t decide between casual, formal, seductive, or playful? Why not be them all?

5. You can feel free to show your passionate side. Whatever your hobby or avocation, the things you love to do can be a part of your photograph.

If your home has a window and a ceiling, it’s a good bet it can be quickly transformed into a temporary photo studio. (If your house doesn’t have any windows or ceilings, getting a portrait done is the least of your worries.)

A single strobe and a reflector or two (don’t worry, I’ll supply those) is all we’ll likely need to git ‘r done. I even can supply the backgrounds if you’d rather. I’ll even visit ahead of time (at no extra charge) to look over your home and discuss various locations that may work well for pictures. You may be surprised to find out just how photogenic your home can be – not to mention its inhabitants!

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