Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeling at home

Sylvia is a nutritional consultant. She contacted me recently to get some headshots and environmental portraits for her soon-to-be-renovated web site. Sylvia's office and client meeting space is in her home. Talking beforehand, we decided to feature her surroundings as part of the portrait making process.
Sylvia's place has a nice open airy space with lots of windows, and on the day of the shoot, lots of late afternoon sun streamed in through a bank of windows and a set of french doors on the west side of the house. Lots of light. My job was to bring in just enough fill light with a flash or two to keep the shadows from getting too dark and to provide nice catch lights in Sylvia's eyes.

We shot poses in her kitchen (what better place for a nutritionist?) and living room, projecting the warm and welcoming vibe of Sylvia's home and personality.

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