Monday, April 20, 2009

Enhance your credibility with photography

Appearance matters when it comes to building a business. No doubt you’ve invested in an attractive web site (you have, haven’t you?), some keen printed materials with your own logo and other items to help your potential customers take you seriously.

But have you thought about how photography can enhance your stature as a person of business?

Professionally produced photos of you, your facilities and abilities shows the level of professionalism on which you are staking your reputation. Are your printed materials and web site rife with high quality photography?

Photographs allow your customer to see you in your element. They provide an opportunity to connect with you and quickly build the crucial element of trust – a key part of a customer deciding to do business with someone.

Need some ideas for photos that will put you and your business in the best light? Consider these:

A quality portrait. You’re a professional. Look the part. Got an entire office full of eager, dedicated professionals? Ask about my on-site portrait package (think school pictures on steroids) that can cost as little as $20-$30 per person for five or more people.

Attend seminars? How about getting a photo with one of the keynoters? Professionalism by association can work wonders.

Show your work. It’s not just for math class – give your customers a glimpse of what you can do for them. Just finished a killer project or stocked the next sensational product? Show it off.

Do you give back to your community? A picture or two of you in action can save you a few thousand words and put you in a high position in your customers’ minds.

Contact me to find out how affordable professional photography can be. Standard packages start at just $150 which gives you a CD full of images designed to make you look your best.

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