Monday, May 4, 2009

Mommie reunion

I received an e-mail from Idaho a couple of weeks ago. A group of four young women, fast friends who had gone their separate ways and became mommies, were reuniting in the Chicago area along with babies for an upcoming weekend. Would I be interested in taking some photos of the group? No thinking required here. I was on it.

On the day of the session, one of the little guys was not feeling up to par, and it was heartening to see the other mommies rally around the one mom whose child didn't have any smiles in him for the pictures. The other mommies had individual photos taken with (and of) their babies, and I offered to come back at no additional cost to photograph the local mom when her baby was feeling better.

It was a good day to get together with friends, sit and play in the grass and eat some dirt.

I'm sure the kids enjoyed it, too.

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