Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life's too short to have to live with bad photos of yourself

I'm on a crusade. I see too many portraits on web sites, brochures and business cards that look like the one on the left. One flash, staight into the face, like a shovel. And like a shovel to the face it can leave you looking flat. It doesn't matter how many gismos and gadgets you have on that camera. A portrait using the on board flash will always look like it was taken at the DMV.

You say you're a professional. An expert in your field. You want me to trust you on that and do business with you. It would be easier for me and a whole lot of other folks to work up some trust if you had a portrait that said "Wow!" instead of "All that's missing is the orange jumpsuit and numbers across the bottom."

Just sayin.'

Here's the deal. I can come to your office and make some boffo portraits of you and your professional, dedicated staff at package prices for as low as just $20 per portrait. We can show all of you in your environment or make it look like you sprung for a day at a photo studio -- all without leaving the building. Your call.
Whattaya say? All you've got to lose is your DMV/police lineup look.

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